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 are a wholly-funded subsidiary to Shandong Foreign Trade Corporation which is the biggest comprehensive foreign trade corporation in Shandong Province. It enforced joint stock system in 2005.With export as its main business, it also handles a variety of business of import, combining industry and technology with trade, processing with supplied materials, assembling with supplied parts and processing on supplied samples.


The main scopes handled by Taifeng Co.,Ltd. are:
  • Cerals, oils and foodstuffs: Peanuts, shelled peanuts and peanuts products, dehydrated and fresh frozen vegetables, fresh and dry fruits, meat, poultry and eggs, canned goods, aquatic and marine products.
  • Arts and crafts: Straw and wickerwork, wooden and bamboo products, human hair products, pottery and porcelain, special arts and daily - use products.
  • Structural material: clay brick, quarry tile, acid brick, stone, ceramic tile etc.
  • Textiles: Cotton manufactured goods, knit wears, rayon fabrics and clothes etc.
  • Chemicals:Inorganie chemicals & organic chemicals, food dyes, rubber products, latex products, polyurethane foam health care mattress and dog block etc.
  • Machinery and electrical products: general - purpose equipments, electronic products, machine tools, agricultural products and spare parts, various complete sets of equipment.
  • Minerals: bauxite, quartz sand, zircon etc.

Shandong Foreign Trade Taifeng Co., Ltd

Abiding by "First - class service, First - rate efficiency" and on the principle of "Union,engagement;pioneering,progressing",Shandong Foreign Trade Taifeng Co.,Ltd. is vigorously expanding its trade relations with business people all over the world. By its all-way professional devotion services, Shandong Foreign Trade Taifeng Co.,Ltd. has been enjoying the utmost reputation around the business circles. Shandong Foreign Trade Taifeng Co.,Ltd wishes to make business relationship with friends at home and abroad for business expansion. With high level operation management and quality service, Taifeng provides convenient for every client for mutual development and mutual benefit.

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